About Awesome Pools & Spas

You deserve Awesome!

While working in the concrete business, Daniel Thomas our founder, realized there was a better way of doing pool installations.

He had to wait for the fiberglass technology to catch up to his ideas. Now that it has been perfected, he is a leader in the fiberglass pool field. Call our company today for more information.

Why Awesome?

Awesome Pools and Spas #1 priority is to supply the very best in pools and pool products.

To go along with our wonderful pools, we also offer pool covers. We carry both automatic and manual covers, giving you the choice to use whichever works better for you.

We provide pool sales, excavation, installation, plumbing and maintenance service for pools and hot tubs.

Our Services

Pool Installation

When you order a pool from us, we will bring out an excavator to your location and dig the pool ourselves. After laying down the sand liner, we level and fill the backside, plumb it, and then finally set it. Our crew will give you instructions on proper maintenance. It's that easy.

Salt Systems

Backed by 15 years of experience, the licensed and insured staff at Awesome Pools and Spas shows you how to properly care for your pool or hot tub. We provide you with the products and explanation required for quality maintenance, including a salt system with consistent pH levels. This system will not fade clothing or bleach hair, ensuring a safe pool.

Spa & Pool Services

Spa/Hot Tub Sales, Pool Chemicals, Pool & Hot Tub Covers, Waterfalls, and Maintenance Products are either sold or recommended by our experienced staff to best suit your backyard needs.

Ready to create your Swimming Paradise?

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